A PROPOSAL for a Literature Review Investigate and explore Viral

A PROPOSAL for a Literature Review 

Investigate and explore Viral video advertising: Factors motivating or inhibiting passing along (sharing) of viral video advertising. think about (and explore) specific phenomena related to viral advertising. 

Here are a few examples:

-Issues of credibility (sender trust/advertiser credibility/platform credibility and trust/endorser) and viral advertising

-Personality characteristics of people that contribute to, or inhibit advertising virality (sharing/passing-along behavior). Which consumers are more likely to pass along ads and why?

The Proposal should include the following: 

-A conceptual definition of viral advertising…

-A discussion of how widespread viral advertising is in today’s marketplace…

-A discussion about why viral advertising is important in the marketing communication context…

-A very brief overview about the possible general factors that motivate passing along ads (sharing). This general overview should be based on a review of some of the extant literature/research about viral advertising.

-Discuss your specific area/topic of focus. Make sure to narrow it down as much as possible as shown in the above examples (viral advertising is a very wide topic and it is impossible to explore it in one study).

2 pages double spaced 12 point font size Plus reference pg total 3 pages APA Style 

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