Alice, Brian and Charlotte wish to set up a business enterprise

Write an essay of 1,200 words (including footnotes but excluding any bibliography) on either of the undernoted questions: Either

1. Alice, Brian and Charlotte wish to set up a business enterprise together, hand-making violins, violas and cellos for discerning customers. Each can bring £200,000 to the enterprise. They have big visions for the future, and would like to see their business become to the orchestral string section what Steinway is to the piano – the #1 name. Advise them as to the form of business organisation – legal vehicle for business endeavour – they might adopt? Or 2. Under partnership law particular legal issues arise

(1) when persons join existing partnerships as new members, and

(2) when partners resign from or retire from partnership firms that are intending to continue in business. With reference to the appropriate sections in the 1890 Act and relevant case law, discuss what these issues are and how the law deals with them.

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