Application Paper: Task 1

During this course, many concepts in the physical sciences will be examined in detail. You will select an application, research it, and write a 750-1,000 word paper on it. The following are brief descriptions of the project tasks:

Task 1: Identify your topic and write a brief outline.

Task 2: Submit your final paper.


Possible Topics for the Application Paper

These are just ideas. You are welcome to pick another topic. The purpose of Task 1 is for you to present your topic to your instructor and receive feedback on your plans.

The physics of a sport (pick one)

The physics of a bicycle (or any other machine)

The physics of car accidents

The physics of flying

The physics of space exploration

The camera

The combustion engine

The air conditioner

The chemistry of an element (or an atomic group of elements)

Nuclear medicine

Application of radioactivity (pick one)

Plastic – production and properties

Waste water treatment plants

The chemistry of a pharmaceutical (pick one)

The catalytic converter

The workings of a smokestack of a factory or a power plant

The chemistry of fertilizers

The chemistry of preservatives

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