Bergson and Noises Off

 In this essay, you will explain Bergson’s theory of laughter, and you will use examples from Noises Off to illustrate it. Thus, the thesis will have to do with his theory and a statement that his theory can be better understood by looking at the film Noises Off for illustrative examples. Now, Bergson’s theory has more than the 3 points we’ve used in putting together our essays, so you will need to focus on explaining some element(s) that are more challenging than others. For instance, the notion that laughter always involves the human, even when it seems we are laughing at something non-human (like an animal) is really not that hard to understand, and so one might not choose to talk about it as a major point. The idea of mechanical inflexibility, though, is more complicated, and there are many ideas that are related to it, like the deeper the cause of the absent-mindedness the funnier the behavior, and the sense that as people act in ways like machines, we laugh. Pay particular attention to summarizing, paraphrasing, and quoting correctly, and appropriately crediting the source of the material.

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