CCJ302 Introduction to Criminal Justice Administration Article Review

Purpose: The assignment is designed to equip you with the skills needed to read and comprehend scholarly research articles, an important source of information on criminal justice organization and management. You will review an article related to either police, correctional officer, or public defender stress. Preparation: In the Article Review folder on D2L (see the Content Browser), I’ve placed a sample article along with an accompanying piece titled, “How to Read a Research Article.” You are strongly urged to read this material BEFORE completing this assignment. It provides you with a clear example on how to successfully answer all of the necessary assignment questions. Moreover, you will follow the “How to Read a Research Article” format when completing this assignment. Article selection: Select one of the articles listed below that you would like to review. They are all located on D2L in the folders corresponding to the entry on the syllabus. Each article comes with a different due date based on when it is covered during the course. Once you have identified your preference, you must officially “sign up” for an article. Click on the link in the article review folder in D2L. This will take you to an online sign-up sheet. Enter your first name and last initial under the article title you would like to review. No more than three students will be permitted to review any one article. If three people have already signed up for your preferred article, you must select and sign up for an alternative. Articles will be filled on a first-come first-served for article. Article- Wolfe and Piquero Review:

Once you have selected and signed up for an article, you are to complete a review based on the questions identified in the “How to Read a Research Article” piece (NOTE: Several of the questions are slightly modified from the question list in the “How to Read a Research Article” entry; use the questions below to guide your response). That is, you are to provide a response to each of the 10 questions as they apply to your article. The answers should be supported with material from the article. Brief responses are likely to be insufficiently supported. Once again, you are strongly urged to review the text example to fully grasp the purpose of the review. 1. What is the thesis or main idea in the article? 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Format: Please What is the hypothesis? Is there any prior literature related to the hypothesis? Briefly, what does it say? What gap or hole in the research is the researcher trying to fill? That is, if there is prior research, why is the study important? What methods are used to support the hypothesis? Is this a qualitative study or a quantitative study? How do you know? What are the key results, and how does the author present the results? Do you believe that the authors provided a persuasive argument? Why or why not? Who is the intended audience of this article? Think this through. Think about the writing level of the work, issues of access, and other relevant information. What does the article add to your knowledge of the subject? What are the implications for criminal justice policy that can be derived from this article? In other words, based on what the findings show, how might criminal justice policies (especially organizational policies) be changed? follow the guidelines below. 1. Include your name at the top of the document. No other information is needed. 2. A couple of lines below your name, provide an APA-formatted reference for your article. You can consult Purdue University’s OWL site for information on proper APA citation guidelines. erence_list_articles_in_periodicals.html 3. Single-space the document. Number and type each question, followed by a double space. Type the response to each question in a single-spaced narrative. Then double space before the next question. Repeat the process. The submitted review will look similar to what appears in the “How to Read a Research Article” section, with each response about a paragraph in length (single-spaced). 4. Direct quotations should be used sparingly—no more than 2-3 sentences total for the assignment. If they are used, they must be included in quotation marks and followed by page numbers. This is your summary of the material. It is not simply a copy and paste of material from the article. Paraphrase appropriately. Grading: Each question: Up to 5 points *Points will be deducted outside of these categories for failure to follow instructions (e.g., formatting, quoting, submission) and for overall writing quality. For instance, a paper that earns an 45 based on question responses may lose points based on overall writing quality. Proofread carefully and follow all instructions.

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