Chapter 8: Chinese government structure beginning with Sui Dynasty- be

 Chapter 8:   Chinese government structure beginning with Sui Dynasty- be sure to know the
different departments of their bureaucracy (finance, personnel, etc.), the examination system, etc.  
Note that many modern governments are set up essentially the same way!  
Chapter 9:   The Five Pillars of Islam- be sure to know what they are, and what the sometimes
sixth pillar is.  
Chapter 10:  Why did the Roman Empire collapse?  Be sure to answer in terms of the course.  
(Christianity was not the reason!)  What happened to European life as a result of the collapse?  
Be sure to understand the Diocletian split, too.
Chapter 10:  What were the Crusades?  Be sure to understand the basic information of what they
were, why they were called and what they were supposed to accomplish.  Know how they
changed life in Europe at the time and what the continued effects are today.  

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