Chris Peterson at DSS Consulting

 ABSTRACT Chris Peterson was assigned to lead a newly formed regional consulting team at DSS Consulting. She carefully selected the team members, built a cohesive group, and led the team in developing a new consulting service. Both Peterson and her team were satisfied with their accomplishments and ability to overcome the indifference of others in the organization. Peterson’s boss, however, felt differently, raising questions about the team’s performance and Peterson’s ability to lead. LEARNING OBJECTIVE To illustrate the importance of leaders developing teams that have connections to groups, both inside and outside the organization; and highlight the importance of a leader working to ensure a team’s efforts are aligned with an organization’s strategy. Please read the leadership case and write up to a three page paper using MLA format to analyzed the following: Please identify the primary issue that the DSS team encountered and explain why they were not successful. Using at least two references from the leadership resources which you have studied during this leadership module, outline what you would do differently to achieve successful project. What Google team principles would you implement that would have allowed the DSS project team to succeed?

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