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 In class this week, you consider the following scenario: Dostoyevsky’s novel Crime and Punishment the main character plots and carries out the murder of an old woman who has a considerable amount of money in her apartment. After killing her, he steals the money. He argues that She is a malicious old woman, petty, cantankerous and scheming, useless to herself and to society (which happens to be true), and her life causes no happiness to herself or to others; and Her money, if found after her death, would only fall into the hands of chisellers anyway, whereas he would use it for his education (no doubt at Brandman University). Putting aside for a moment the small detail that the murder is a crime – is this action justified in some way? In class, you determine whether the answer is, “Yes” or “No,” and discuss why. Out of class, in a minimum of 300 words, support the argument you made in class. There is only one catch: you must use sources from this week’s readings and video clips. Be sure to cite your sources.

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