Description Strategies that organizations have developed and employed

Description Strategies that organizations have developed and employed in order to market their products or services in different countries or regions. What new strategies will organizations need to develop in the future to remain competitive? What apparent trends require attention so that corporations can be successful in the rapidly changing area of international business? Content 1. The paper must address in–depth a specific issue relating to the conduct of international business. You are expected to use and cite a minimum of 25 academic sources. That said, the absolute number of references is, in itself, not paramount; rather, it is how the references are used that is important. Guidelines (listed in order of importance) 1. Content o Ability to formulate a relevant and timely problem in the broad area of international business. o Demonstrated understanding of critical issues. o Ability to construct argument(s). o Innovative use of material/arguments/references/knowledge. o Demonstration of independent thought. o Ability to undertake specific analysis. o Use of at least 25 academic sources. 2. Structure o Logical flow of arguments, sentences, paragraphs. o Appropriate use of sub-headings. 3. Style and presentation o Grammar (as indicated above, smaller problems are overlooked). o Spelling (small mistakes are overlooked). o References and citations (relevance, appropriateness, number).

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