Discussion Question #2COLLAPSE According to Fortune Magazine, the 2021 top

Discussion Question #2COLLAPSE

According to Fortune Magazine, the 2021 top ten of The Fortune 500 Companies  are: (1)  Walmart, (2) Amazon.com, (3) Apple, (4) CVS Health, (5) Unitedhealth Group, (6) Berkshire Hathaway,  (7) McKesson, (8) Amerisource Bergen, (9) Alphabet, (10)  Exxon Mobil.

Select three companies on the above list. For each company, conduct an Internet search to identify one of each company’s top-level leaders.  Then find information about each of those three leaders that will help you to understand why they excelled to the level of top management in these outstanding companies.

1.  In one paragraph per leader (that contains seven or more comprehensive sentences per paragraph), explain what you learned about each leader that helps you to better understand why that person is in his or her current position. (IMPORTANT NOTE: Beforetyping each paragraph, type the company name, the person’s name, and his or her job title).

2.  In one paragraph that also contains seven or more comprehensive sentences, explain what you learned from your research about these three leaders that will help you to demonstrate or adopt better leadership qualities as your career progresses.

3.  Based on what you have learned so far from working on your Organizational Behavior-in-Action project, describe, in one paragraph of seven or more comprehensive sentences, the type of leadership behaviors that you currently (or plan to) demonstrate, based on your unique set of Life Languages.  In the first sentence of your paragraph, identify your first, second, and seventh Life Language–according to your Professional Profile.

(When you answer all of the above questions, you should have five  comprehensive paragraphs).


Please number your answers to correlate with each question.

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