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 Our readings for this module address data-driven decision-making, along with other leadership behaviors that can enhance employee commitment. Comparisons and benchmarks may also directly influence organization performance. Based upon your readings and other information and experiences that you have had, what do you think the role of data collection and utilization should be in today’s healthcare organizations? What benefits do you see to transparent data communication within the organization? Do you believe that increased employee engagement and ownership, along with better organizational performance, are realistic likely outcomes? What drawbacks do you see? Give examples from a healthcare organization where you have worked or that you know fairly intimately. If you do not have this background or would prefer to do so, you can use examples from the TINYpulse (2013) study or from Poudre Valley Health System. 


 In the Accenture (2017) article that we read for this module, it is asserted that healthcare organizations in general are looking to achieve innovation, but they are not very successful because they are focusing on renovation or upon “small innovation” rather than upon big innovation. It also asserts that deficiencies in process, investment and leadership limit innovation success. The question for this module’s discussion is: Have the Malcolm Baldwin Quality Award Winners that we have examined so far been able to avoid or overcome the limitations to innovation noted in the Accenture article, or do their achievements really constitute very good examples of renovation or “small innovation”? Consider the Goonan (2015) article and optionally, the Hawkins, Glenn, Oswald and Conway (2013) article in framing your answer. Use the Henry Ford Health System or another of the winners that we have examined so far in the course to support your assertions. 


 Consider the readings for this module, particularly the two Mester (2016) readings, the Islam, Hasan, Wang, Germack, and Alam (2018) article and optionally the Lehrer, Wieneke, Vom Brocke, Jung, and Seidel (2018)articles. Next, examine the Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Hospital Profile and Application. The questions that you are asked to answer is: To what extent has Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Hospital (or, if you wish, any of the other winners that we have examined so far in the course) used big data analytics as part of their innovation process? What were the results, if any? Finally, what additional data analytics techniques might they employ to enhance their performance, and applied to what healthcare applications? Be specific 


 For this final discussion, choose a reading from one of the three areas we examined: 1) the impact of employee engagement upon the bottom line performance of healthcare organizations is examined in detail; 2) a comparison of the innovation and performance of healthcare organizations in the USA with those of healthcare organizations in other countries and cultures; or 3) the case study and Baldrige submission materials of Charleston Area Medical Center Health System, examining how it improved its performance is discussed. Briefly summarize the reading and critically analyze the evidence and conclusions reached in the reading. Provide evidence, either from the materials read or elsewhere, to support your assertions. 

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