Film Analysis Guide: AFAS 306 Spring 2019

– This Film Analysis paper is a collaborative project, and the final product must show equal contribution to the project by each member. For this project you should use Google Docs. – Film analysis is NOT a film review. An analysis means you must engage on a level beyond writing a summary of the film. Remember I have seen the film. No lengthy summary of the film. No points will be given to a paper that is just summary of the film. – Before writing your essay, watch the film 12 Years a Slave and take notes while watching it. Critically engage the movie so that you can produce a strong and meaningful analysis. Include all the specificDATES. –

Your Paper should focus on at least 4 specific issues/points that are addressed in the film. These points include: 1. the role of gender in how black male slaves and black female slaves experienced the horrors of slavery (life as a chattel property); 2. the issue of sexual exploitation (rape) of female slaves as shown in the film; (remember this issue is also addressed in Harriet Jacobs’s Incidents);

3. strategies used by Solomon and other slaves (male and female) to cope with and resist against the relentless physical and psychological violence daily ;(remember this issue also addressed in S. Truth’s & H. Jacobs’s narrative); 4. the issue of fracturing slave families; meaning how slave families were broken up; (remember this issue is also addressed in Sojourner Truth’s narrative) 5. the issue of jealous mistress as addressed in the film; (remember this issue is also addressed in Jacobs’s Incidents) *While you are working on your Film Analysis project, we will be reading Truth’s Narrative and Jacobs’s Incidents. – You must be very specific in your analysis of the film and provide ample specific examples. NO General and Vague statements. It will lower the paper’s grade substantially. – Should Complete the following Checklist before submitting your paper: This checklist should be added at the end of your paper; answer to each question Yes or NO; *10 points will be deducted if the Checklist is not included: 1- Are we including the link to our Google Docs file under the paper that we will submit to Assignments? 2- As required, *are we each submitting a copy of the paper under our own name in Assignments along with the link to our Google Docs file?

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