First Battle of the al-Faw Peninsula, Feb-Mar 1986

First Battle of the al-Faw Peninsula, Feb-Mar 1986, between Iraq and Iran.

The Semester is designed to move the student from simply fact reporting to providing basic analysis on facts derived from thorough research in order to enhance the student’s ability to articulate an issue’s significance on the national and global stages.

In addition to providing basic facts, the student is required to move beyond fact into what might happen as a result of the fact, or what the event’s impact was. When reporting the analysis, the student is to consider the topic from both the Iranian and the United States perspectives. As in the Semester 1, the student is to produce a 3-5 page essay in English (1250 – 2000 words in length) in Times New Roman 12-point font. The essay should consist of an introduction, a basic synopsis of fact, and be followed with analysis of the facts reported – answering the question “Why is this important?”. The essay should be sourced from 3 sources, and none of which will be Wikipedia. You should have both in-text citations and a “Works Cited” page.

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