Food allergies at the workplace

Our restaurant makes sure to reduce contamination of allergen foods by never cross contaminating top 8 allergen foods. We take the proper precautions to make sure no one with a serious allergy to a certain food doesn’t become exposed and get sick. When baking we always like to never use the same utensils/supplies for several projects unless properly washed and sanitized. Work surfaces are always wiped down with sanitizing water and items are always stored away from possible allergens. For our customers safety, throughout the restaurant there are safety cards available for customers to see what desserts contain what possible allergens and what foods people with allergy sensitivities can have for dessert. As well as all the components of the desserts are always listed on the menu item so there are no hidden allergens for our customers. Information about the restuarant.. Blu Pointe, on the Newburgh waterfront, proudly showcases locally-influenced, seasonal dishes for your dining pleasure. Each ingredient is hand selected by our executive chef and prepared fresh to capture every mouthwatering flavor. Combined with our extensive wine list of over 3,000 local and imported bottles carefully curated by our Sommelier, Blu Pointe is the premier fine dining experience in the Hudson Valley. Almost immediately after you walk through our doors, you will be greeted by our friendly staff in the comfort of our chic lounge complete with luxurious chairs and sofa. Enjoy a signature cocktail while you relax by our blue-stone fireplace and sample some of our small-plate offerings featured in our tapas menu. When you are ready to dine, you will be accompanied into our elegant dining area with stunning features including reclaimed wood from a 135-year-old barn in Sugar Loaf. If you desire a picturesque view of the Hudson River, request to be seated in our open-air terrace complete with retractable floor-to-ceiling windows for year-round panoramic views.

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