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Write an essay about Constantine The Great.

Make sure you include these points in your essay.

Constantine’s rise was due to the civil war.


Constantine the First was the Roman Emperor who ruled Rome from the beginning of the fourth century.

He was the first emperor to see his empire emerge as a Christian nation.

He fought alongside his father in the war against Britain before he became the emperor.

His troops made him the emperor following his father’s passing (Beeler, et al.).

Constantine began to fight in order to make his name official. Thus began the civil war.

He fought different Roman divisions, including Maxentius’.

According to accounts, the Emperor met Maxentius’ forces at the Tiber and instructed him to paint the Christian symbol on his army’s shields (Woods).

According to legends, Constantine believed Christianity to his strength. He conquered the Bartle to enter Rome.

Constantine became the emperor in the western part Rome through this battle.

He tried his might against Licinius in 324.

Constantine defeated Licinius and reunified Rome’s entire empire.

Constantine founded Constantinople, the capital of Rome.

Constantine, after being awarded his rank, he focused his efforts on the administration and made significant changes in his state.

Two major reforms were made in the military and political spheres.

The barbarian incursions into the areas around the Danube and Rhine rivers marked this period.

Ahangar et. al. argued that the Romans used a strategy of forward defense to attack the barbarians.

Constantine now brought new military reforms to his strategy. They reduced the military importance of border provinces and gave greater importance to transporting the Roman masses into major urban centers.

He also introduced the two-point military division.

A part of his army was deployed in the frontier provinces, which he called limitanei. Others were in the main armies known as the comitatenses.

The goal was to defend the barbarians first, until the heavy force arrived.

Constantine’s reign also saw a reform in the way that religious decisions were made.

He established a council for Christian bishops, which began to make the main decisions about the direction of church affairs (Odahl).

One of the most important decisions of the council of Nicaea was to reach an agreement on the issue of Jesus’ divinity, which was one of many issues that divided early churches.

This reform resolved all confusion over Jesus’ existence as a divine being or a human being.

A day was established for celebrating the reformation, which ended the dependence on the Jewish Calendar.

The immense growth in the military power and political might of the Roman empire marked the age of Constantine.

Constantinople, his capital, was the centre of power for more than a thousand years.

His most significant political legacy was Constantine’s substitution of the Tetrarchy of Diocletian for the norm of succession dynastica.

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