How Amazon uses AI in its logistics and supply chain management

Please use the attached outline I submitted to for any guidance you need.


The paper is 10 pages on how Amazon uses AI in its logistics and supply chain management processes. You can talkj about processes, costs, pros and cons and or whatever else you see fit.




A primary requirement for this course is the development of a research paper related to global Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LSCM).

You will research and prepare a formal 10-page paper on a topic of your choice. Paper topics must be approved by your instructor within the given time frame. Note: The 10-page count does NOT include your title, table of contents, abstract, references, or appendices pages. 



Include the Following

Overall format – use of page numbers, title page, table of contents, illustrations, etc.

Structure and clarity of the report. 

Thoroughness of the report.

Use of information to support your position including illustrations, photos, figures, and references, as appropriate. 

Evidence of proofing, few or no spelling errors, appropriate labels on figures and tables, etc. 

Correct grammar and usage. 

Variety of references used and proper documentation. Format for citations and references should follow 


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