How does meditation impact attention

How does meditation impact attention

This is a research proposal, the instructions are as following: 1. Summarize the article(s) that serve as a basis for your research proposal(at least 2 citation MLA style) 2. Identify a limitation of the article that can serve as the basis for your research proposal 3. Hypothesize: How do you think phenomenon arises? What are the processes or influences? Describe the relationship. 4. Identify and operationally define your variables: independent variables, dependent variables, confounding variables, and any participant variables of interest. Note: the independent and dependent variable should follow naturally from the hypothesis. 5. Describe your participants in detail, including age, gender, education, ethnic background, etc. 6. Describe your methods, including detailed descriptions of the measures, and procedures, with sufficient detail to perform or replicate your study. Discuss the controls or measures undertaken to reduce identified confounds (3-4 pages) 7. State your expected results as predictions that relate back to your hypothesis. What results would support your hypothesis? 8. Discuss your expected results and interpret them based on your hypothesis. 9. Discuss the limitations, alternative explanations, and future research based on your expected results and information from the introduction Criteria for success: As scientists, we strive for specificity and accuracy. As such, I encourage you to avoid vague descriptions, unclear hypotheses, or a lack of details

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