How has the Navajo Nation incorporated (or tried to incorporate)

How has the Navajo Nation incorporated (or tried to incorporate) traditional values into its legal system? (hózhó, k’é, k’éi) 

Paper details NO OUTSIDE SOURCES! ONLY THE BOOK. Each paragraph should written to illustrate ONE point with at least one example to demonstrate the point you are trying to make. Thesis statement should answer the given topic. HERE ARE A FEW SUGGESTIONS: Please use concrete examples to illustrate your points. It is perfectly OK to make generalizations, but a generalization is always more credible if it comes with a concrete case (dates, places, names.) Please make sure you do at least one careful revision to “polish” the essay. On your revision(s), concentrate on two goals: a) make sure that the “mechanics” of your essay are as good as can be (spelling, grammar, word choice, paragraphing, etc. “count”); b) make sure an imaginary reader can follow precisely what your argument is from sentence to sentence and paragraph to paragraph (make sure there are no “leaps of logic,” and that you have made yourself as clear as possible). I would write the introduction last, after you know precisely what the essay is about. Pay attention to your introduction, because it sets matters up for your reader. The conclusion, too, can be important, because it is the last thing “yours truly” will read. Grading Criterion An “A” essay explains to an uninformed reader the key issues involved, and it does so with clarity and without distracting errors of spelling, grammar, word choice or other mechanics.

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