Identify major debates concerning globalization

In Option A of this assignment, you should develop a responsive essay that addresses (at a minimum) the following:

-Define globalization.

-Discuss the historical origin of globalization

-Identify at least one theoretical perspective used to analyze globalization.

-Discuss general dimensions of globalization (please access the link below for an explanation of the general dimensions, which are interconnection, intensity, integration and institutionalization, pace, and level of impact).

-Identify major debates concerning globalization (e.g., hyperglobalizers; transformationalists).

-How have social institutions (or processes) in cities been affected by globalization?  (Here, you can discuss what some call “dimensions”.  These include: the economy, politics, culture, technology and international trade relations).

-What are some successes, failures, and consequences of globalization? Identify current and/or future trends of globalization and its effect on cities

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