Independent prescribing for nurses.

You will be guided to develop a range of supportive evidence demonstrating specified Independent Prescribing Proficiencies. This will be limited to no more than 2,500 words (evidence above this word limit will not be marked). The supportive evidence will need to comprise:

a) Approximately 1000 words which will demonstrate thorough knowledge of the professional responsibilities and accountability aspects of your practice role within independent prescribing and application of the legal frameworks for independent prescribing. Using the NMC, standard of proficiency for nurse and midwife prescribers.

b) 1200 words, which will offer a critical review of a consultation episode you have undertaken with a patient/client. This will explore your decision making of the process of facilitating a thorough consultation and an accurate assessment of the patient’s ’s health/condition in order to determine a diagnosis/differential diagnosis and treatment/referral options.

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