introduce the Change Project Background and evidence supporting the change

  • introduce the Change Project
  • Background and evidence supporting the change
  • Literature Review:  Include at least two sources of literature to describe the change theory/theories utilized in this change project.

ASSESSMENT (approximately 1 page)

  • Recognition of the need for change in the status quo.
  • How did you determine that there was a need for change (survey,

interview, …?)

  • Interest:  Desire for a change in the system.
  • Motivation:  Forces motivating change; were there any incentives to increase motivation.
  • Environment:  Characteristics that indicate openness to change in a system (if not, why not)

PLANNING (2 pages)

  • What was each step of the planning process
  • Unfreezing: Include driving and restraining forces
  • Goals:  short & long term (be specific & measurable)
  • Sources of Power:  Who has the power in the system and how it is used
  • Resistances:  Attitudes and beliefs; finances

IMPLEMENTATION  (approximately 1 page)

  • What was each step of the implementation process
  • Moving
  • Transforming intentions into actual change behavior
  • Recognition, reward system

EVALUATION (approximately 1 page)

  • Evaluation measures the degree to which the goals were achieved
  • How will success be measured (audits, surveys, observation) include any tools developed for measure.
  • Examine progress against pre-established goals
  • Revisions in plan

PLANS FOR STABILIZATION (approximately 1page)

  • Refreezing
  • Administrative
  • Commitment of system

REFLECTION (approximately 1 page)

  • Describe the personal and professional experience of the change project
  • Describe the most successful experience of the process
  • Indicate  element/s that were the most problematic or challenging
  • Indicate what would be done differently in the project if it were done again.
  • Describe your personal leadership style (Yoder-Wise Chapter 3) in the change project
  • Consider how will you utilize this experience in your future
  • Writing mechanics, construction, grammar

References, APA Format, grammar, spelling, structure, use of headings, 12-font Times New Roman, title page. My topic for this research is on FALL RISK

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