INTRUSION DETECTION SYSTEM: Comparison of the Approaches

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4.1Comparison of the Approaches

YOU NEED TO DEVELOP THE COMPARISION OF ALL THE APPROACHES Mention their Pros and cons of every approaches. • A1: Approach of Smith. • A2: Approach of Zhang and Lee. • A3: Approach of Albert et al • A4: Approach of Karachirski and guha • A5: Approach of Sun et al. • A6: Approach of Ma and Fang After That You need to prepare the 4.1 Comparison Criteria This section proposes ten different comparison criteria namely adaptability, recovery, adaptation type, recovery type, cost involved, complexity, performance, skills required, reliability and application sector. PLEASE FOLLOW THE SAMPLE THESIS FOR PREPARING COMPARSION CRITERIA After that based on the Approaches. Select 4 real life examples (Examples like City Council, Online Retailer, Military Force, Amazon hack) • For Every Real-life Example Find the problem. • Suitable Approach for problem • Recommended Solution.

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