Is this type of insurance required by any aspect of Government, your

write a 6- to 10-page paper (including a title page and a references page) basic discussion of:

I.Insurance, including all of the types of insurance listed below in #1 and all of the insurance factors below in #2.

II.Investing, including all of the investment factors listed in #3 below. Insurance 1.Types of Insurance to be discussed (make a heading for each of the types of insurance in your discussion) •Auto, including COLLISION, COMPREHENSIVE, LIABILITY •Health •Homeowners or renters (whichever applies to you) •Life (compare whole life with term life and which do you think is better) 2.Factors to discuss for each type of insurance: •Insurance type •Type of loss covered

•Likelihood that your financial health would be in jeopardy if the insured event occurs (consider the greatest type of event covered by each insurance – for example, your car is totaled). Where could you get a start at identifying values? •Likelihood that you and your family may encounter this type of loss. •Is this type of insurance required by any aspect of Government, your bank, or other legally binding requirement? •Why you should or should not purchase this type of insurance. Investing 3.Next, read, study, and take notes on all eight sections of the Investopedia Investing 101: A tutorial for Beginner investors Then, write a basic discussion of commercial investment instruments and underline the introduction for the answer (not the entire answer) for each of the following: (Note – the Investopedia sections that contain the answers are in parentheses after the questions.) I.At your age, what is your level of acceptable risk (Introduction) II.Why has investing become more of a necessity than it used to be? (What is Investing) III.What did Albert Einstein call the greatest mathematical discovery of all time, and explain briefly (without numbers) what that discovery involves (the Concept of Compounding) IV.Give a brief description of Bonds, Stocks, Mutual funds, and one Alternative Investment (types of Investments) V.Briefly explain Portfolios Center around diversification ( Portfolios and Diversification) Assignment Expectations: Write a 6- to 10-page (including a title page and a references page) basic discussion of the information requested in #s 1, 2, and 3 in the Module 4 Case assignment. As always: I.Include a title page II.Use APA format for your headings III.Use APA format for your in-text citations and for your references section IV.When you have completed the case assignment(s) upload them to this modules dropbox. The paper should be 275 words long

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