Latin American political economy has been shaped by cycles of

 Latin American political economy has been shaped by cycles of populism, militarism and democracy, leading up to the present.  Though traditional military rule has not been seen since the late 1980s, in some countries the armed forces continue to play an important political role.  Today, we see the tension between democracy and populism where the failures of democratic governance and representation have led to the emergence of populist governments (left or right) which are responding and taking advantage of the growing public/societal dissatisfaction with corrupt and incompetent democratic regimes.  Public attitudes in support of democracy has reached its lowest levels since the period of democratic transition in the 1980/90s.  Answer the following questions: (1) Why has democratic rule remain fragile and precarious in Latin America?  What are the conditions that lead to non-democratic governance, such as populism and militarism? (2) What are the unique conditions or common themes in Argentina, Brazil and Chile that contributed to the back and forth between populism, military and democracy since 1930?  minimum of 250 and maximum of 500 words 

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