For this mission, create a memo to Dr. Li…. in proper format and file name as discussed in submission guidelines that contains the following: 1-URl to an updated version of the Level 1 Mission 2 video based on feedback and input. 2-Explain the intended core message conveyed in the video 3. Provide a copy of each image with a detailed analysis of the reason why it was included and works for that reason in the slide deck. 4. Provide an analysis and discussion of the difference between this video and the first one you created including the specifics of layout, colorscheme, and use of animations and other visual effects. . This can be written in the memo or provided as a link to a video that presents the discussion and analysis. Submit a properly formatted memo to Dr. Li using the submission tool. Grading Points Breakdown 5-Format and file name 10-Effective Writing 5-Working URL 10- Discussion of core message 30-Quality of video 40-Discussion of images with rationale 40-Discussion and Analysis of comparison of two videos


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