prevoius The research problem is “The problem with online instructors


The research problem is “The problem with online instructors is that some of them are not effective.” The research problem is descriptive which implies that it is an issue that needs to be researched. It will help us to comprehend the procedure to be employed in the research.

What is the research question?

            The selected research question is “How do learners describe the characteristics of an effective online instructor.” It is an open-ended question that does not limit respondents to give yes or no answers.

What is the qualitative methodology used to conduct the research?

            The qualitative research methodology used is generic qualitative inquiry. It will ensure a wide approach in tackling the research problem and question.

Does the research question match the research methodology? Why?

            The research question and the research methodology are a perfect match since the question is open-ended, and this will give respondents a chance to give their views and opinions on the research question. Since respondents are not limited to yes or no response, the researcher will be able to collect credible and reliable data which will make analyzing and interpretation easier.

Is this study significant to the field of psychology? Why?

Generic qualitative research is significant in psychology as some traditional research designs are not suitable for handling some issues in psychology. Psychologists and researchers in this field can use this kind of research to expound on their knowledge and help them understand how and why an individual behaves the way they do, and why they give several meanings to social issues that happen in their lives (Eisner, 2003).

 What evidence does the researcher provide to support the research topic and methodology?

            From the outcomes provided by the researcher, it is clear that the topic is a matter that needs to be addressed with immediate effect. More research on this will help learners who are interested in studying through online programs; they can be able to know what to look for in a tutor who does his classes online. The qualitative methodology used can be recommended for future research related to such topics.

Eisner, E. W. (2003). On the art and science of qualitative research in psychology. In P. M. Camic, J. E. Rhodes, & L. Yardley (Eds.), Qualitative research in psychology: Expanding perspectives in methodology and design (pp. 17–29). American Psychological Association.



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I think you misunderstood the instructions for this discussion. Please find and review a qualitative dissertation that utilizes your methodology. Instructions: “For this discussion, locate a qualitative dissertation using the Capella library that uses the research method that you have chosen to complete under Unit 2 Discussion 1. Answer the following questions  …..

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