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Curious about the many claims you hear about psychology in the popular media? As a student of psychology, you should be a knowledgeable consumer of scientific research as it is presented to the public, as well as to other scientists through peer reviewed journal articles. You are in a position to critically evaluate the claims made about psychological research results (which may be accurate, exaggerated, or unfounded), and to be able to explain why some headlines are just plain wrong. For each of the 2 short papers for this class, you will identify a relevant, recently reported result that interests you, track down the original paper that the result appears to be based on, and critically comment on the way the result is being presented to the public. Follow the instructions in this handout. I found the article on this website, if you put the title in google search it will pop up along with the journals of the study. You can use multiple sites to get information. The study

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