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 Description First, you will write a 500-word description of the theory you selected in the Midterm Topic Sign-Up. As you conduct research on your theory, you’ll find that there are a lot of details that could be included in a description. The 500-word limit, however, requires that you boil your theory down to its essence while still maintaining the central ideas. You might use one or more of the following questions to help you identify the essence. What is the central question or problem this theory is seeking to explain? What are the main tenets of this theory? What does this theory provide that other theories do not? Your description should also be heavily supported by research, and most, if not all, of the sentences in your description will have one or more citations.Your description should use plain English and should be easily understood by your colleagues. Keep in mind, the word limit is to help you focus on writing succinctly. Each sentence needs to count. In many ways, writing three pages on your theory would be much easier. So, do not let the short length fool you, it is a challenging task. Please note that the word limit will be strictly enforced

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