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1. write a 50 words common for my classmate’s blog below, Between the 1500 and 1700s royalty and music publishers had a strong influence upon contemporary music by impacting what style of music was to be played and how to dance in its presence. For example from “Music and Publishing” it expresses how royalty served as the muse of many operas of the time, ” In the 17th century Jean Baptiste Lully composed fourteen operas to celebrate Louis XIV’s absolute reign, and thus served as propaganda to glorify the French state. Lully’s music produced a radical revolution in the style of the dances of the court itself. ” Lully even went as far to “purchase the exclusive rights to producing opera (and other music) for Louis XIV’s court (Slide 27). This can be likened to today’s music culture in which individual artists are contracted to a music label and publish songs specific to each patron. Moreover from “Music and Publishing”, it build upon “Jean Baptiste Lully essentially monopolizing the public music industry giving him the exclusive rights to produce large-scale operas in public; however, Marc-Antoine Charpentier found that he conform to the monopoly and produce music to be played in private performances. Charpentier became a successful composer who later replaced Lully as the composer for Moliere’s theatre troupe.” (Slide 28). Charpentier’s success appears to be short-lived because most of his work went unpublished, became less widely available and thus lost popularity shortly after his passing. This can teach us that popularity is not enough to become a well-known composer, the advent of movable type and lithography made his music more widely available and is what led to the longevity of Lully’s music in France. Source: Wallin-Huff, Sarah, “Week 5, Printing and Music Publishing”. Downloaded from Blackboard. California Polytechnic State University Pomona, Music Department, 2019 2. Answer these 4 questions in relation to the total reading assignment(s) write around 200 words What seemed really important in this week’s text(s) and videos? Why did it seem important? What did you read that reminded you of something you knew before, or connected up with something else you are currently learning? Why? What surprised you most in the text(s) of this week’s reading assignment? Why do you think it was surprising for you? What questions do you still have?

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