spotlight on Skills: Building an Annotated Bibliography For this activity,


spotlight on Skills: Building an Annotated Bibliography

For this activity, prepare an annotated bibliography of resources that you have gathered on various topics throughout the course. Visit the Dissertation Center in the Northcentral Library and choose the Annotated Bibliographies and Literature Reviews folder at the top for tips and resources on how to write an annotated bibliography.


For this task, first select a side in the nature vs. nurture debate of personality development. Then, you will locate at least five current research studies to support your side and prepare an annotation of their findings. Conclude with a summary as to whether childhood temperament, and personality, have a biological basis.

Please note the same rules for citation applied to other documents (such as proper paraphrasing and the use of quotation marks where necessary) apply to Annotated Bibliographies as well. It is unacceptable to cut and paste from the abstract or the body of an article. Instead, you are expected to read the article completely and appropriately paraphrase the necessary material. For those few situations where paraphrasing is unacceptable, then the material that has not been paraphrased must be placed in quotation marks. Please refer to the Northcentral University Integrity Policy and tutorial for more information. Follow the following illustration to determine what material is needed for the annotation in each entry. Note there are four sections to the entry: hypothesis, methodology, conclusion, and evaluation. Be sure to include each of these sections in your annotated bibliography entries. For information on annotated bibliographies, visit the NCU Library Guide on how to conduct research and on how to improve your writing. The library guides are located in the Books and Resources for this Week. 

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Length: at least five annotations; a 1-page summary

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