“The concept of sustainable development, or ecologically sustainable

Research Instructions As this is a research essay, you must locate, digest and apply a significant amount of authoritative and relevant material. You must undertake research and cite sources that go beyond the course readings. Please only list items that you have actually read and used. These should total at least twenty items including court cases, Acts, books, chapters, journal articles, government documents and so on. Do not, under any circumstance, rely on Wikipedia or other online, non-academic sources. The best model of all is supplied by academic papers published in leading scholarly journals, several of which you should read in the course of your research. Style Instructions I am looking for your analytical voice in the essay. That is, your own discussion of the salient issues, in which you make reasoned judgments, not merely descriptions of what others think. I want to know what you think, as well as the bases of your considered viewpoint. Referencing Your essay must be presented according to the conventions of scholarly writing. You must reference according to AGLC3 Research essay topics 1. “The concept of sustainable development, or ecologically sustainable development (ESD) as it is known in Australia, is the central pivot around which all governmental decision-making is increasingly being required to revolve.” Critically evaluate with reference to federal and (a) state jurisdiction in Australia. 2. “To paraphrase Winston Churchill on democracy, ESD may be flawed but it’s the best we’ve got” Analyse this statement in light of approaches tried and not tried in the name of protecting the environment. 3. We are now entering a new era in federal-state environmental responsibilities in Australia. The law will be crucial in holding the line on environmental protection throughout this period. Assess and evaluate this statement with reference to laws, cases and policies. 4. As David Takacs says “If biodiversity offsetting works as its backers promise, then it’s a win-win situation: jurisdictions encourage economic development where it is needed and can prioritise preservation where is it most effective and beneficial to the species, ecosystems and human communities of concern.” Do you agree or disagree with him? Why/why not?

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