The Ethical Continumm

Each question should be attempted. Answers should be from your own personal perspective. No academic theory required. Each answer should be a paragraph (5-6 lines) All submitted documents should be titled ‘MKT511 Ethics Your Name’ 1. The diagram above represents the Ethical Continuum. Which category of the ethical continuum most accurately reflects your ethical standard? ( 2. Which category of the ethical continuum most accurately reflects the ethical values of the business where you work/own? Is this the same as your personal values?  3. Volkswagen were caught in 2016 cheating on emissions tests. This discovery caused VW to have to recall their cars with a final cost of approximately $85 billion. However, in 2017 VW had their highest ever sales. As the marketer with the final decision, would you knowingly have cheated on these emissions tests? 4. Nike is one of a number of companies discovered to have questionable production practices. They were found to have been using child labour, extremely low wages and working conditions in their manufacturing plants. Would you knowingly use questionable production practices for your business in order to generate greater profit margins?  5. Apple has been criticized heavily for manufacturing their products with planned obsolescence. Would you knowingly take the business decision to plan for your products to become obsolete in order to drive revenue? (2 marks) Marks will be awarded for your ability to objectively answer these questions and your justification of your choices Marks will be lost if there are inconsistencies between your classification of your own ethical standards and your answers to the case study examples.

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