Top of FormREAD the two essays below (PRO and CON) that are posted below in the form of images.ASSIGNMENT/PROMPT:  Which of these essays makes

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READ the two essays below (PRO and CON) that are posted below in the form of images.

Which of these essays makes the stronger case–and why? 

Your essay must have a thesis statement that 
directly and specifically answers the question in the assignment/prompt and is underlined or highlighted or boldfaced or somehow distinct.

Refer to particular arguments made in the two essays, identifying them as either “PRO” or “CON”. Consider the actual strengths and weaknesses (as you see them) of each essay, but the reaction paper has to make a decision as to which one makes the stronger case (choose the one you think is most persuasive). Read both essays carefully and thoroughly. 

If you find some weak arguments in the essay that you deem to make the stronger case, point them out. If you find convincing arguments in the essay that you determine made the weaker case, point them out. Be balanced.

Reaction papers must be at least 500 words long. 

NO OUTSIDE SOURCES. Not the textbook. Not any online source. Not any online robot that answers questions. 
Use only the two brief essays that have been posted here. These essays are meant to be clear and easily understood. Remember to put what you read into your own words. Remember to have a thesis statement that directly answers the question and use supporting details to back up what you say. The thesis should be underlined, or highlighted, or somehow made to stand apart.

NO OUTSIDE SOURCES. Use only the texts. Remember to put what you read into your own words. You may use some direct quotations, but only sparingly (no more than 25 words total should be quoted directly from the readings).

This paper must contain citations from the two essays. I expect papers to cite the specific paragraph numbers. Note how each paragraph is numbered. At the end of a sentence that is based on paragraph 6 in the CON essay, I expect to see (CON 6). At the end of a sentence that is based on, say, paragraphs 3 and 5 in the PRO essay, you should have (PRO, 3, 5).

Papers without notes cannot receive a passing grade on the content part of the grade. Notes are integral to the assignment. I will be checking to see if the notes match the citations.

Remember to follow the format/guidelines for reaction papers.

Any use of Chat GPT or any version of AI software is prohibited. All papers will be evaluated according to a rigid anti-plagiarism and
 anti-AI software program that will pick up any similarities not only between student papers and online/printed sources, but also between individual student papers past or present. Please remember the importance of doing your own work. Zero tolerance for plagiarized papers. If I feel the paper is not legit but is based on the use of AI software, I reserve the right to refuse to grade it. 

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