Week 4 Signature Assignment – Quality CQI Health Care Organization.  We

Week 4 Signature Assignment – Quality CQI Health Care Organization. 

We often hear the stories of what goes wrong in health care, medical error tragedies and examples of how organizations have failed their patients.

There is much to learn, however, from those who do a great job of taking care of their patients, meeting their needs and going beyond their expectations.

Using all that you have learned from this course, you will do the following:

·  Identify a health care organization that is known for their high quality of care, service and safety. 

·  Create a paper that addresses:

a.  An overview of the organization, a description of what care or services they are known for, and the data that is available to evidence the success of their quality/patient safety efforts;

b.  Identification of the top four practices in the organization that have contributed to their creation of a “culture of excellence”.  A description should be provided for each of these practices with examples for how they have contributed to the organization’s success.

c.  Identification of the one practice that you believe is most valuable to the success of the organization, which you would like to experience in your own organization; or, would like to put into place as a future health care leader.

d.  Lastly, you will identify the lessons you have learned, from a leadership standpoint, from your research.


Top 7 hospitals in the United States: 

1. Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore

2. Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston

3. Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota

4. Cleveland Clinic in Ohio

5. UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles

6. Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago

7. UCSF Medical Center in San Francisco

Use statistical evidence on this. 

Hospital Compare at the Medicare.gov website contains this information. You can find your health care organization’s key CQI historical data on this Medicare website. The more specific information you have about your organization, the more useful and better your paper will be.

Requirement: 700 words

Use headings for each section of your papers for the written assignments. The APA rule for this is to have the heading centered (not bold) and the first letter of each major word capitalized.

Notes from the Professor:

I specialize in health care CQI so that may be a reason that I stress statistics and facts in studying health care systems. It is important in writing college papers, to justify your comments and conclusions with concrete facts. I recommend that you include quantitative data concerning your written assignments. Just as facts and data are the foundation of a good health care quality control program, they should also be a part of your health care written assignments. This is essential for a critical thinking and substantive analysis. Indeed, in the study of health care, it is essential to analyze statistical data in your critical thinking study. Expert input into your paper can be achieved through experts via outside sources.

Develop your critical thinking skills in your analysis in your paper. Critical thinking skills are extremely important in developing a successful career. Critical thinking is the intellectually disciplined process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and/or evaluating information gathered from, or generated by, observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication, as a guide to belief and action (Defining Critical Thinking, 2015). Be sure to incorporate your critical thinking skills into your discussion questions, participation comments, and your written assignments. This is where outside sources and key statistics can be very helpful with your critical thinking skills in your class work. It is important to use data-driven decision-making concerning financial management decisions. 

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