Women’s Brains Are Younger Than Men’s of the Same Age




What is the headline of the story? The headline is Women’s Brains Are Younger Than Men’s of the Same Age, Study Finds

When and Where? I found this story on blogs.discovermagazine.com. I researched the headline and found other websites like the New York Post and many more that shared the same story. The story hit the blog on February 6, 2019.

Why did it catch your interest? It caught my attention because I always wonder why men and women do things so different. The magical question I’m sure every man and woman are curious about. Whenever I hear anything pertaining to differences between the sexes, it sparks my curiosity.

Do you normally trust the news source? This was my first time going on this site. I looked at the suggested websites offered by the professor. If she trusts it than I do.

What topic in cognition or perception? It’s cognition of the mind and brain.

Summary of the claim?

The story claims that our brains may be older or younger than our true ages, depending on sex. Women’s brain appears three to five years more “youthful” than those belonging to men of the same age in scans.

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