CASE STUDY 1. Production Planning and Control. (350-400 words) Define:

CASE STUDY 1. Production Planning and Control. (350-400 words)

  •   Define: Design Capacity, Effective Capacity and Actual Capacity.
  •   Calculate the Design Capacity, the Effective Capacity, and the Actual Capacity of the
    packaging machine, during 2020
  •   Define the Percentage of Efficiency and the Percentage of Utilization
  •   Calculate the % of Efficiency and the % of Utilization of the packaging machine during
  •   How could the company improve the % of Efficiency and the % of Utilization?

o CASE STUDY 2. Quality Control. (350-400 words)

  •   Define the 3 types of Quality Costs. If you where the Production Manager of a company,
    in which of the 3 would you invest the most? Discuss your answer.
  •   Calculate the Efficiency and Effectiveness of each of the 4 processes. If as a you had to
    look for ways to increase the Efficiency and Effectiveness of those processes, how
    would you do it?

o CASE STUDY 3. Maintenance & Waste Management. (350-400 words)

  •   Describe 3 of the 8 pillars of the Total Productive Maintenance (TPM).
  •   Of the 8 wastes established by the Lean Manufacturing methodology, which do you
    consider to be the 3 most important for a company that produces electronic components
    and equipment? Why?
  • Remember that in this type of assignments, the proposed questions should serve as a guide, but do not limit yourself exclusively to answering the questions. Make sure you include enough theoretical information (definitions of concepts, usefulness of management tools, etc.). Also, remember to back up your arguments on relevant and reliable sources.
  •   Remember to show all your calculations any time that is required, including the formulas.

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