Local cases on Community Mediation that relates to Trinidad and

You are doing an essay on Community mediation • The research Paper must be done under Different Headings please • The Research must speak to the topic itself which is Community Mediation. • You must use Secondary Data • 2 case studies must be Applied • What are the benefits to be derived from using Community Mediation in Trinidad and Tobago? • You must chose 2 local cases on Community Mediation that relates to Trinidad and Tobago. • You are to also do a synopsis on the case study. • However the full case study must be placed in the Appendix Section • The appendix Section must include pie charts, bar graphs and forms no less than 7 • You are to use the Latest edition 16th Edition of Chicago Manual of Style Author- Date- Reference. • Assignments should be properly referenced with footnotes and bibliography • Times New Roman Font 12 N.b Your Case Study must be Comprehensively Analysed

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