Project 2 pages/550 words 4 sources due in 6 hours



2 pages/550 words 4 sources due in 6 hours apa format Business

Profile of a Social Venture

A write-up guide


Your Goal

Similar to the “Social entrepreneur profile” assignment, this write-up presents the results of your research of a social venture of your choice. Please explore the online resources we discussed in class, as well as others, and identify an organization that you consider a social enterprise and in whose work you are interested. Again, like in the other assignment, explain your rationale why you (and not the source that you used to identify the venture) defined this organization as a social enterprise.

Please note that in your choice of a social venture, you are not limited to a specific legal or organizational form (NGO, for-profit, L3C, a foundation, etc.). Even though many international multilateral organizations (e.g., UN-affiliated agencies, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, etc.) work on and support social entrepreneurship initiatives, you cannot use them for your social venture profile. Please consult with me if you are not sure whether your selected organization is an international multilateral agency.

Assignment Questions

Describe a brief history of the founding of the social venture that you chose. What factors or events led to the creation of this organization? Please provide any relevant information about the founder(s), their background, personal motives to found this particular venture.

What is the societal problem that the social venture seeks to address? What is the approach that this organization undertakes to tackle this problem? What is this organization’s social mission statement? Why do you find its social mission compelling?

Based on your research, what are the resources and capabilities that allow this social venture to pursue its social mission? Does it have any gaps in organizational and staff skills to succeed as an organization? How has this venture been funded?

Please reflect on what touches you in the work of this social venture. How has the social venture performed in its work addressing their targeted social problem? Why would you consider working (or not) for an organization like this?

Formatting & Writing Style

The length of the document should be a maximum of two pages, not counting a list of references. Please use a .docx or .pdf file format, Times New Roman font style, font size 12, at least 1.5 line spacing, and page margins of 1 inch.

Reference every source of information that you use both as an in-text citation and in the list of references at the end of the document. In-text citations and list of references must be in the APA format.

Be careful in selecting your sources – draw on reliable and valid information, use publications from UMass library databases, articles, and reputable online resources, such as the Ashoka Fellows or the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship.

Spelling and grammar need to be correct.

Grading Criteria

  • Completeness – Does the profile address all the questions specified in the assignment?
  • Specifics – Are there sufficient details about the social enterprise backed by cited and researched evidence.
  • Clarity – Is the content clearly and concisely articulated? Does the student use correct grammar and follow the specified formatting guidelines?
  • Coherence – Does the profile tell a coherent narrative about the social venture (or does the document read like separate texts put together by different people)?

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