Systematic review growth chart and ethnicity

systematic review growth chart and ethnicity 

Paper details I need a British writer for this dissertation proposal. I have written one that I didn’t pass because there are many wrong and unclear things in this piece of work. Please adjust the piece I written so I can pass it It is a systematic review on the children’s growth charts and how relevance they are to the different ethnicities. You can elaborate and adjust this as well. I will attach a word document of the proposal I have written titled “proposal word” I will attach a PDF document of the proposal and comments I got on the adjustments needed titled “proposal PDF comments” I will attach the topic structure and marking criteria “structure +marking criteria” I will attach a systematic review published 2013 of a similar topic. I need a clear specific aim and objectives. I need it to be also critical to the literature used in the proposal not just descriptive. I will attach a systematic review published 2013 this is the latest I found on the topic and using it as a justification to write a systematic review on this area. Titled “2013” Most of the recent searches in the area are on infants. This is why I need to be focusing on children, but I’m not sure If I should add other aspects to the topic alongside the ethnicity like customised growth charts or obesity, if needed do so please. I need inclusion and exclusion criteria tables with the rational of each inclusion and exclusions criteria in the table that I follow for choosing the researches I will use in the dissertation. This can be added to the methodology section. It can be specifying that the PICOS tool will be used for the dissertation. I need to give examples of data bases that will be used to search for papers and the search word that will be used and date ranges. I need to specify the framework of the dissertation in the design section as well.

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